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What kind of food to take on a long train ride

The holiday season is coming, and may holidays are not far off. We tell you what kind of food is best to take with you if you plan a long trip.

Lots of liquid
Almost no one during travel does not comply with the regime of proper nutrition, not to mention the balance of the liquid. Many take on long trips sweet water, juices or soda. But this can not be done categorically. This liquid blocks the flow of ordinary water into the body. Because of this, there is a strong thirst, and it is not very good during long trips.


Whole fruit and snack
Better take it with a whole, rather than sliced fruit. The first remain fresh until two days under room temperature, and second — just two hours. In addition, you can pack in your Luggage nuts, dried fruit and chips of seaweed in a vacuum pack. Nothing will happen to them, and such products are rich in fiber and other nutrients.


Portable refrigerator
Portable fridge will be useful for you on the beach. It can be folded sandwiches, yogurts, vegetables and fruits. These are all nutritious foods. With their help, do not spend money on expensive food in the dining car, and still be able to feed the whole family.

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