seven teachers became pregnant
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At school, seven teachers became pregnant at the same time

The American elementary school Oak Street Elementary School, located in Goddard, Kansas, about pregnancy in a short time reported 7 of 15 teachers, according to the information portal KHQ.

According to the school principal Ashley Miller, she faces similar for the first time in all practice. Miller managed to pick up a replacement all leaving on maternity leave to female employees. The woman joked that, perhaps, it is necessary to attach to the school building kindergarten.

Two teachers gave birth at the end of March with a difference of only a day. The rest will go to the hospital at different times until October inclusive. “This is already insanely funny. I thought there were a lot of us when there were three of us. And then there were four of us, and then five, and here we are seven, and this is a Comedy,” admitted the teacher Tara Johnson.

Women make fun of each other, but, in General, are happy about the situation, as they can support each other and share news.

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