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On what surface is better to run?

Any surface has its pros and cons for runners. Fans of running can endlessly argue, proving the complete unsuitability of any of the coatings. However, in this article, we decided to prepare a list of suitable for running surfaces and those that are not recommended for cross-country training.

#1. Soil. Is considered the most ideal and acceptable the cover for running performance. But here you need to be very careful. If you have chosen to run the Park and any other well-groomed area, it is wonderful. But if you have to run through the woods or any other rough terrain, here you can be in danger — bumps, pits, various irregularities. Therefore, before running on the ground, try to prepare your feet and conduct a set of daily exercises.
#2. Rubber track. One of the safest surfaces for running. It is chosen by both beginners and professionals. Rubber tracks are equipped with almost all stadiums in our country, so the track of rubber crumb is one of the most accessible for running.
#3. Asphalt. More acceptable coating for runners than concrete or paving stones. You can run on it, but for running on the asphalt it is better to use special sneakers with a thicker sole.

Not suitable for running

#4. Concrete. It is believed that the concrete is not suitable for running coating. This also includes running on ice, as the ice is also not suitable for cross-country training.

#5. Grass. Grass is not a perfect cover. Especially dangerous is the high grass, as you may not notice various objects and surface irregularities on which you run. All these invisible flaws can cause various injuries and sprains.


#6. Sand. Very difficult to run the coating. First, when running on the sand, the load on the legs is distributed unevenly, the load first falls on one leg, then on the other. Secondly, in the sand can be a variety of invisible to the eye objects — stones, glass, nuts and others that can cause injury to the runner. Be careful.

Conclusions to Run the best on the ground, treadmill at the stadium next to the house or asphalt, the Most unsuitable coatings for running are considered — concrete, ice, grass and sand. From running on them is best to give up.


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