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MacBook Air 2019 customers were bitterly disappointed

Owners of MacBook Air 2019 are not even aware that they bought a slow laptop

Last month, Apple “buried” the old MacBook Air lineup to release an updated lineup. Many were upset by this fact, as the previous models were the lightest of the entire line of portable devices of the company. However, the first owners of the new MacBook Air 2019 after the inclusion was waiting for a bitter disappointment.

Testing the internal drive MacBook Air 2019 showed that the speed of reading SSD was significantly lower than the previous model. The check was made by the specialists of the French resource Consomac using the popular free application BlackMagic Disk Speed Test.

The result of the speed of SSD MacBook Air 2019

As the results showed, the read speed was reduced from 2 GB/s to 1.3 GB/s compared to the previous model, while the write speed increased, albeit slightly – from 920 MB/s to 1 GB/s. of Course, the average user is unlikely to notice the difference. But those who work with large files can really notice a huge delay when downloading capacious media files.

The drop in performance suggests that Apple has saved on MacBook Air 2019 hardware parts to integrate a True topei display And slightly lower the overall price tag. Apple’s policy does not imply disclosure of all detailed information about the technical characteristics, so users are not even aware that they are buying a slow laptop.

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