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Found a way to fix a sticky keyboard MacBook

Owners of some models of MacBook and MacBook Pro recently faced with the problem of sticking the keyboard buttons when some characters begin to be duplicated when pressed. This is due to the features of the built-in mechanism “butterfly” instead of membranes to preserve the thin profile of the body.

Despite the fact that Apple called its technology more advanced and reliable, the buttons eventually stick because of dust or small debris. In particularly difficult cases, users have to contact the service center, because they can not solve the problem on their own.

However, users on the network have found a solution to this problem, which will help get rid of expensive repairs. Enthusiasts have written a free open source utility Unshaky, which is laid out on GitHub.

How to use Unshaky:

1. First, Download the archive with from GitHub, unzip the file and move it to the “/Applications”folder.

2. Start and follow the installer’s instructions. Go to system security settings and check unshaky. By doing so, you’ll add apps to your trusted apps, bypassing the Mac App Store.
How to use Unshaky

3. Go to user and group settings, click on the “+” button and add
How to activate Unshaky on MacBook

4. Click on the Unshaky icon in the taskbar, go to configuration and configure the time interval.

Unshaky allows you to set the minimum time between keystrokes, thus eliminating character input due to accidental sticking. You can start with 40 MS and gradually increase the interval if that is not enough. There is no universal value for all users. All this is strictly individual and depends on the MacBook model, as well as the degree of clogging of the keyboard.

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