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Experts called the best smartphones for mobile Internet

Samsung smartphones showed higher download speed than Apple and Huawei

Experts from OpenSignal have published data on which smartphones are the best for working in 4G LTE mobile networks, i.e. allow you to download content from the mobile Internet faster than others. According to the study, Samsung smartphones are the fastest, ahead of the iPhone.

The company measured 23 million devices worldwide in the second quarter of 2019 and found that Samsung smartphones in the United States operate at a speed of 28 Mbit/s, while in the United States iPhones give an average speed of 20 Mbit/s.


“Samsung produces a wide range of models from cheap to premium, while Apple offers only models with premium prices. This, in our opinion, is an impressive result not in favor of IPhones,” OpenSignal experts note in their report.

Download speeds on mobile devices are generally lower in the US than in most European countries. In Norway, Samsung users can enjoy a download speed of 58mbps compared to 46mbps for iPhone.

The biggest peak download speed is observed in South Korea — 70.4 Mbit/s, followed by Canada with 67.1 Mbit/s and Singapore with 65.4 Mbit/s. In General, smartphones of the South Korean manufacturer were leaders in speed in 14 countries.

Apple smartphones were leaders only in 7 countries, including the UAE with 14.7 Mbit/s, but Huawei did not Excel in any region. There are also two dozen countries where a single winner is not revealed.

Factors that can affect download speed include the ability to connect to multiple frequency bands, the ability to connect to multiple radio bands at the same time, and the use of multiple antennas and modem brand. In General, Samsung devices have a higher download speed than Apple and Huawei.

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