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As the flight attendants appreciate the passengers on the plane: the curious part

Who flew in airplanes, he knows that when boarding the flight lovely flight attendants necessarily greet passengers and send them after their dazzling smiles. You think that’s common courtesy? But, no! In fact, flight attendants carefully consider each of us and learn important things for themselves.

Alcoholic intoxication

How much of the Internet runs stories about the adventures of the drunken passengers on Board — just don’t count! And almost every day these situations are repeated. Therefore, flight attendants carefully assess the condition of passengers before boarding.

State of health

A sick passenger on Board is at risk of spreading the virus. Therefore, the flight attendant carefully looks out for whether you have a cough, snot, pallor or other signs of malaise, and if he sees any of them, politely interested in your health.

Physical strength

Each flight attendant at the meeting approximately assesses the physical abilities of men. If the man looks strong, the flight attendant will note it and remember the place where this passenger sits. After all, sometimes unpredictable things happen on Board the aircraft, with which fragile flight attendants can not cope. For example, if one of the passengers starts to rage, the girl will ask the “strong man” to help her in his pacification.

Physical feature

People with disabilities must be in the field of view of the flight attendant, so she could at any time provide them with the necessary assistance. In addition, such passengers are not allowed to sit at the emergency exit. In emergency situations, they are unlikely to be able to open the heavy door, and the stroller or crutches — can easily block the way to the exit.

Large carry-on baggage

A passenger who tries to carry on Board a huge carry-on Luggage can cause a flight delay, because it will take a lot of time to put all his things on the shelf. In addition, if the plane gets into a zone of turbulence, his bags and suitcases can fall and injure other people.

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