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12 Crazy situations on the plane, which people are forced to face

In times of first aircraft pilots ‘-newcomers was teased ” sticky Asses.” A pair of castor oil, which served as a lubricant for the engines, provoked light diarrhea from the pilots, and there were no toilets in the sky yet…


Experienced flyers fought with this with the help of berry moonshine with astringent effect. And this was only the beginning of many nasty and disgusting phenomena that people have to face when flying on airplanes.

You can’t die on planes.

The death of anyone in the sky is such a bureaucratic trap that many airlines go to direct forgery, just to hide this fact and not create problems. The stewardess will cover the corpse with a blanket with his head, fasten stronger and politely hissed in the ear of the neighbors in the chair: “Sit and endure.” No, if there is where, you will be transplanted, but usually you have to pretend that the poor guy is just ” drunk and asleep.”


Second hand, they all used

Headsets, cloth napkins, and other small items allegedly taken out of the package and handed out to passengers. But who will believe that all these items are really disposable? The question, rather, here is: they just wiped with a rag after the previous flight, or at least disinfected?

Animals have more privileges than humans

Animals in the cabin of the airliner can only get if they have a vest “guide animal” or collar “therapeutic animal” that help people with disabilities. It also dogs, pigs, monkeys, and even pony, which you want to place, feed and maintain in flight. Theoretically, they are well trained, in practice, you may be running pig not to shit on your seat and all to no avail. You will be fined for this and will be blacklisted, the animal – no.


Have neighbors on a range of different interests

It turns out that it is impossible to prohibit an adult to watch a porn film on a tablet on the plane, and without headphones. Even if there are small children. And generally looking content 18+ like that documentary movie about cannibals or a guide to coprophilia. You can only ask to make the sound quieter, but no one is obliged to listen to your request. And Yes, the same applies to loud children’s cartoons.

Turbulence and vomiting

The vestibular apparatus of a person is weak because no one trains him except military pilots. And modern technology makes the flight soft and invisible, that gluttons and stuffed bellies to the eyeballs. But then the pilot says: “Buckle Up, enter the zone of turbulence” and the contents of the stomachs, and intestines, too, abruptly rushes out. Dirty truth.

Diapers change in plain sight

Yes, not all models of aircraft have a table for swaddling, but even if there is a real “mother” does not bother with such a trifle. Smelly diaper changed in front of everyone and then will shrilly demand that the flight attendants or other passengers to put it in the trash, because “hands are busy”.



No drinking water on Board

No, of course, there is – bottled, and very often recently for a fee. A free slurry comes from a common bathroom with a large tank, where it is poured from the usual water supply at the airport. On regulations-normally! By the way, coffee on the plane in some airlines brewed from it.

Awkward sex

Legends about the ” club 1000 miles “and the like provoke people to have sex in flight, often just” for a show”, then to tell”Yes, we did it.” And how to do when and what other passengers think, usually ignored. As a result, a lot of embarrassing and frankly nasty situations with would-be lovers in flight.

With the pressure to be trifled with

The aircraft is such a sealed “pan”, which is supported by comfortable air pressure. But it happens that automation fails. This rarely leads to real disasters but burst from a pressure drop balloon, a vessel in the nose or a package for colostomy – a prosaic reality.

The liquid coming out is bad

You can pour, accidentally or on purpose, you can pour yourself, the plane sometimes gets into the air hole and then poured everything. It’s okay, except for the fact that you sit with a wet spot until the end of the flight. Where to go? No change of clothes, no wash clothes, only napkins at the flight attendants. And that’s all.


Toilets are dangerous

I remember a disgusting case in which no one is to blame, but still bad. The passenger went to the toilet, managed to thoroughly empty the intestines, when suddenly the plane falls sharply into the air hole, falling five meters down. Inside all loose objects “jumped” and the contents of the toilet, too, and then fell. Someone who was trapped in a cramped bathroom stall. Not to be envied.


Flight attendants are a little crazy

When you work in an environment of eternal and often unmotivated stress, involuntarily begin to adapt. Stewardess with experience longer believe in “honest and obedient” passengers are all suspicious and ready to react harshly. To the uninitiated, it looks a little too good, but that is the reality – better safe than sorry and not allow these holes in chairs too much will.

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